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10 - Conventions for Changing Items

Organization: Database Training, CLICK LINK TO THE LEFT, Scroll Down
Facility Type: Database Training/Admin
Status: Open

, US 00000


This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Temporary


1. IF you change AN item and you use the "edit" button, NEXT TO THE ITEM in the needs or avail list, THEN the update date for JUST THAT ITEM changes to today.

2. IF you use the QTY/URGENCY EDITOR and you change ONE SINGLE ITEM...then it updates the update date for EVERYTHING ON THE LIST!!!!!

IF you want all of the items on the list to have TODAY'S date, then USE THE QTY/URGENCY EDITOR button...

IF you only know that the one item that you're changing (urgency, etc) is current.

DO NOT EVER USE the QTY/URGENCY EDITOR unless you want ALL items to show an update date of today.

You can add items using either method, and it only updates the date on the one item you're adding...

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Created At: Thu Dec 04 06:32:32 +0000 2008
Updated At: Thu Dec 26 16:03:01 +0000 2013
Updated By: tfri

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