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Organization: CLICK LEFT, SEE "NOTES"
Facility Type: Database Training/Admin
Status: Open

, US 00000


Main/General Business Number: SEE NOTES, Bottom of Facility Record

Fee For Service: No

This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Permanent


This database is designed and created and freely given as a "Resource Tool" for everyone working with Disaster Relief to come together. Information overload is something we are all faced with. Due to the dynamics of this "TOOL", all too often it appears overwhelming and intimidating to many. There are volunteers ready and willing to support you.

HOW? ~~ There are three options for assistance!
1) Go to: -- Go to: "The Database" (right hand corner at bottom) Download Power Point Presentation!!
2) Schedule an appointment or call for training!! aprox. 15 min
3) Read the tips below!!

With a few "KEY TIPS" you will be an expert in no time!! This tool is much easier to use than you might think!!


Click on "Categories" at the top.
Scroll down to what you want to give, like "Category: Computers" click "SHOW".
Scroll down to an item that you might want to give, and click "show".

Click on Categories at the top.
Scroll down to "Category: Information Resources"
Scroll down to and choose "
(These are the facilities that have set-up an online wish list, and currently identified themselves.)


Click on facilities/organizations, and scroll down. You'll see the facilities list, sorted by alphabet. If you click on "STATE" (located at the top of the column that lists the state, in the greenish blue bar above the list of Names) This will organize the entire list by STATE. Now you see all the States together!! BUT if you chose another column to sort BEFORE you chose "TOWN", then the list will sort WITHIN the first choice. So if you choose "State" first and then "Town", it will sort first by State and then within each state, the list will be sorted by Town.

NOTE: Use "Clear Sort/Filter Settings" to unsort the list, and start over.

Click on facilities/organizations
Click on Advanced Search (it's a red button in the second gray bar from the top)

Now you are in a "filter" called "Search for Facilities".
You can choose a state to limit the list by, by using the pull down menu. Then hitting the red search button on the right (you may have to scroll to the right to find the search button).

You can also limit the list by "facility type" (be careful you might miss something, because certain facilities actually have two functions, but right now, we can only list them under one facility type then use the RED "Clear All

If you have one or more facilities, and are logged in, you can use the check box "Show only My Facilities." This will give you only the list you have created/have access to!!!

You can use the Advanced List Filter anytime you want, if you are in the Facilities/Organizations list or in the Availabilities/Conditions list. Choose "Advanced Search" or "Search Again".

DELETING YOUR record's (if you are the creator)

FIRST go to Qty/Urgency and REMOVE items (there is a check item on the left)
Then Change the name of the facility to Delete - Old name can remain, please.
File Type as "OPEN BUSINESS"
Status: CLOSED.


When you are on a screen with too much information (i.e. Needs/Availability Check List) ... speed it up by using Find! Use Ctrl/F then put in keywords... try using 2 or 3 variables. VIOLA!! This will help speed thing up for you & help eliminate duplications! Thanks!!

Under "Items" have "SHOW" & "Notes" options available!! To the right of a listed item, there may be specific notes for that facility's listing. If an item has notes, it will have a "*" next to the listing. If you choose "show", you will see those notes.

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Created At: Fri Aug 25 15:18:24 +0000 2006
Updated At: Thu Dec 04 06:21:15 +0000 2008
Updated By: tfri

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