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1- Other Volunteer Directories (Nationwide)

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Local to the Gulf there remains a GREAT need for volunteers. To choose by task oriented positions, go to:

Listed are the Volunteer Center members of the network.

This site is designed to be used by potential volunteers, pastors, leaders of collegiate and church mission teams, and national disaster response organizations to find the latest information about disaster response opportunities for volunteers and to provide a forum for churches and volunteers to share how they have responded to recent disasters.


The purpose of the Volunteer Centers National Network Council (VCNNC) is to serve as the official link between local Volunteer Centers and the Points of Light Foundation (POLF).

The Points of Light Foundation works in partnership with the Volunteer Center National Network (VCNN) to help mobilize people and resources to find creative solutions to community problems.

Volunteer Centers are conveners for the community, catalysts for social action and key local resources for volunteer involvement. They bring people and community needs together through a range of programs and services based upon community needs, demographic area, population size, and other factors.

Volunteer Disaster Response Opportunity Sites
Updated August 2006

United States sites

Work team opportunities for the sites listed can be scheduled by calling or emailing the person listed as a contact. These sites are managed separately, and information on lodging and other needs will be provided by the site coordinator.
State Disaster Relief Contact Information
The North American Mission Board provides contextualized resources and opportunities to assist Southern Baptist churches with involving their members in North American missions.
This site is a link from

It has a way to find things in the gulf, and to search for volunteer opportunities that are appropriate for groups, such as teens and/or elders.

This site is what the usafreedomcorps site is powered by, and it has a listing of national volunteer opportunities.
State Service Commissions

Below is a directory of State Service Commissions. State Service Commissions provide Corporation funding to AmeriCorps state programs in their states through annual grant competitions. In addition, the Commissions manage, monitor and evaluate these AmeriCorps programs. State Service Commissions are also charged with encouraging volunteering in their states. They often administer special volunteer initiatives.

By clicking on the name of the State Service Commission you will get complete contact information.

Volunteer Disaster Response Opportunity Sites
To see all they offer:

Current List for LDR:


mission discovery
this site specializes in church-based, young people's missions.

United Way

Volunteer Solutions is a Volunteer Matching Application that helps Volunteer Centers connect individuals to volunteer opportunities in their community. Volunteer Solutions helps volunteers, nonprofit agencies, corporations, event organizers, and Volunteer Centers get connected.


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